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Pelosi and Visa


just saw this explaining how the pelosis have been profiting off of information in a way that would get the rest of us thrown in jail.

apparently that bastion of conservatism â?? 60 minutes â?? has done yet another right wing smear job against an upstanding democrat leader. Thats pelosi story anyways.


here was the part that I found most interesting:

Perhaps congress should have to hand over their portfolio upon appointment like the president does.


I love how Pelosi screams RIGHT WING SMEAR JOB!!!

While the report nails 3 top GOP congressman as well.........

/the are all corrupt
//dick joke



I like that ending much more than the "tweeter"


i just find it really disturbing that they collectively beat the market by 12 and 6 percent. It really does show that this is systemic.

furthermore, isnt this exactly what the OWS peoples are complaining about. it will be interesting if they start calling for her resignation or just look the other way. . .


If somebody can find a loophole and it's perfectly legal, then why stop them? What's stopping people from going out and making more money themselves? OWS people are just pissed off hippies who are jealous of the 1% because they can't get off their lazy asses and do anything for themselves without having to rely on the gov't.



If they create a "loophole" by holding a gun to my head, um, no....