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Pelican Fest Write-Up

Was a pretty good show overall. I think we had 17 total competitors, and like 7 from out of state which was great to see. Our NAS state chair did a good job running the events, and the show went pretty fast.

I weighed in at 243. I think 6 people told me I was a moron for not cutting weight. We had 3 other heavies, 4 total.

First event was a boat crank, and carry medley. The crank was pretty easy after the first 2 revolutions. Next was a 350lb keg carry for max distance. 3 of us went 50ft but could not make the first turn in the soft dirt, made it much tougher. I won this by time.

Event 2 as a excursion limo pull. It was very light for 100ft. Placed second with a time of 23 seconds, winner was 20.

Event 3 was log for reps. 230lbs, one clean. Log could not come off your shoulders or you were done. By far my worst event, 5 reps. Winner had 12.

Tire flip (700lbs?) for 50ft followed by a 500lb? drag for 50 ft. We were in a 3 way tie going into this one, I was in third by virture of a piss poor log event. Tire was very easy, the drag was not. We were out in a dirt field, so the sled just kept building up dirt and digging in. I finished with 3 seconds left and won the event. 2nd place was only 2 seconds back.

Last was stones. I was leading by 1 point, so whoever won the stones got the show. They were very light as well, 240-330 I think. I placed all 5 in 28 seconds for the event and overall win.

I hope we have even more guys show up next week at the Shawn Ray show. It should be a great venue with tons of people, and lots of stuff to see. The victory was short lived as I now have to go and do it again next Saturday. I will try to get some pics up tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.


AWESOME jobs goes to prove its the all around competitor that takes it home CONGRATS and thx for sharing’