PEGylated MGF from IBE?

IBE is selling PEGylated MGF. Has anyone gotten their hands on it yet? What are your thoughts if you have?

On another forum, the IBE guys say “Okay guys here is the deal, we need 5 people to test out our PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor. 3 people will be supplied 1mg and will run 100mg, twice weekly sub-q. 2 people will be supplied 2mg and will run 200mg, twice weekly sub-q. We are going with sub-q injections because we basically know that the PEG form is going systemic so going IM is pointless at this point. We want to see results with sub-q injections at these dosages. We don’t want dosages much higher due to inhibition of differentiation that is possible with higher dosages. We are estimating the half life to be around 2-3 days so twice weekly injections are optimal.”

Thoughts? Curious if their claims are correct-- that the PEGylated version is up to 300x more effective than the regular MGF.

Anyone going to try it? I’m kind of tempted, although I know absolutely nothing about reconstituting substances with a kit.