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PegMGF With Only AAS?


Has anyone used pegMGF during a cycle of AAS and without any other form of HGH or IGF? If so I would like to hear what you thought of the end results. I am considering using pegMGF along with test/tren/dbol and insulin but am unsure if there is a valid cause in doing so.

Also, to you all you smart peptide experienced members, what does your past experience or knowledge with pegMGF lead you to beleive in this instance. Is it a waste or can there be some progress in terms on hyperplasia due to its addition.

I know that HGH is much more common trifecta with AAS and insulin but I have trouble locating it. IGF is also good to use with AAS and insulin but I was hoping to save that for PCT. Any info and insight will be welcome. Thanks in advance.


I used it during My Most recent cycle of 14 weeks dbol/Test E/EQ. I wasnt really sure what to do with it so i decided to take some what as a frontload wk 1-4 at 100mcg m,t,w,th,f. I defidently feel that it felt fairly similar to lr3 igf-1, but people say MGF is IGFe or somthing,i read so many debates about that so im not entirely sure.

to me it seemd to work a lot faster but wear off faster as well, gains kinda stopped around wk 3. I read taking 250mcgx2 EW was apparently the best way to run it, but then i was also informed that it really doesnt matter,but im no expert at this so correct me if im wrong. i only took it cause i was curious like u to see what it does and cause its so much cheaper than igf-1. thats my thoughts about it. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks sota-I was thinking of 4 weeks using 250mcg 2x a week. I used it once before along with IGF and loved the effect. However I think that the IGF is mostly resonsible for my gains.

I have to disagree with the IGF is MGF, although both are peptides I beleive the physiological differences are becoming more pronouced. I am still uncertain of the validity of during cycle MGF use, however I appreciate your input.


Or perhaps I can pose an additional question to the thread. I know the HGH use is best when used for extended periods of time. If HGH were to be ran (10iu/day) for the duration of a 12 weeks cycle would this be sufficient time to allow for additional gains? Following the same thought would the use of HGH during cycle limit the effects of IGF during PCT?