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Peg MGF Only

I remember some people throwing around the idea of doing a cycle of peg MGF only, did anyone ever try this? If someone did what were the results?

I’m sure that if no one has yet they will become more common due to the price being much less than IGF-1.

I asked this exact question with the exact heading several weeks ago. When I saw your thread I first thought that someone had finally answered me.

Anyway, Bushy did respond and said that pegMGF is more like an IGF PCT. It helps your body produce more satelitte cells which are depleted by IGF use. So I plan on running pegMGF during my next cycle for 5 weeks at 400mcg/week in hopes of having an equally effective run of IGF during the PCT of that cycle.

As far as running pegMGF solo with no AAS or IGF I am unsure. If you decide to do so please keep me and others informed as I am very interested in the results.

Hope this helps a little.

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Haha sorry to get your hopes up man and I agree with Bushy as everything I have read says the same thing.

Haha a $100 bucks is a bit much to spend just to see if anything happens but maybe someone will try! If I ever decided to I’ll be sure to keep a log.

I tried it. I noticed some fat loss and an increase in strength. Its hard to tell how well it works because I’m on PCT.

From what I’ve read some people weren’t seeing much of a difference when they stacked it with IGF. The whole stacking protocol is just to damn confusing so I ran them separate. I’ve got one more shot of Peg then I’m going to finish up my IGF for the following 2 weeks.

I’ll run Peg again by its self in a few months.

I’ve read on some other forums that guys have used high doses (800mcg-2mg/week) of pegMGF alone and in various stacks with other peptides with success. A common protocol seemed to be 500mcg Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. 2mg a week seems awfully high to me, as well as expensive, but who knows…

I experienced decent pumps,fatloss and a significant amount of site enhancement primarily in my bi`s and tris. i guess it was worth 55 bucks.

well, supposedly running IGF-1 and PMGF concurrently can be a bad idea since they are thought to compete for the same receptors…thus PMGF can inhibit the effect of IGF-1. Some run them concurrently but always take the IGF-1 shot at least 24 hours after the PMGF.

I think a better idea would be to do a cycle of IGF-1 for, say 4 weeks (which is the average time before the effects begin to diminish significantly) and then switch over to PMGF for, say, 3-4 weeks in order to stimulate the division of myoblasts or satellite cells, then switch back to IGF-1 again to take advantage of these new satellite cells and mature them further. You could repeat this as many times as you like and it would make your IGF-1 cycles much more effective also. It’s all theory though.

I have run both concurrently as per the above protocol, for 4-5 weeks. I have to say, I noticed little to no gains. Nothing to talk about at all. Granted, I was not on AAS at the time, so it was strictly a peptide cycle. But I kind of hoped to get something. I was, however, on a fairly low dose of PMGF (cant recall exactly how much) so possibly that is the reason. A friend, who was on a much higher dosage, reported good gains and site enhancement (calves & biceps)

I may try it again…at a higher dosage.

Could someone PM me the info on the place that does it for $55? I might be interested in taking a look…

PEG MGF and IGF-1 do not compete for receptors. Their physiological actions could overlap in a negative manner somewhere/how, but not through the same receptor.

We all need to remember that the actual MGF “receptor” is yet to be reported in the literature… potency loss may be a reason for not seeing effects at small dose. Also PEG compounds are harder to purify, you may have gotten some junk.