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PEG in T-Gel Is Dangerous!

I am shocked! I always wondered are all those chemicals in T gels healthy?
After all you rub this on your skin and the chemicals will also get in the body.
Seems like my concern was right. Check this out!
This means that if a testosterone gel contains PEG then it’s dangerous as well right?

“This disgraceful story doesnâ??t end with laxatives, though. Food grade polyethylene glycol (under the Carbowax Sentry trade name) is commonly added to chewing gum, table-top sweeteners, and energy drinks. It is also used as a base in solid and liquid soaps; shampoos, bath and shower gels; body and face creams and lotions; toothpastes, ointments and suppositories; as a tablet binder; as a lubricant in vaginal gels and eye drops; and as a solvent in cough medicines and elixirs. Many of those products are used by children of all ages.”