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Peer Pressure Made Me Do It-5/3/1

Decided its time to give the 5/3/1 a shot. I see big pr’s in my future!

24y/o, 5ft 8, 183lbs. Currently trying to improve my conditioning for upcoming fire academy while slowly getting stronger. I know the gains will come a little slower because of this but it’s necessary for the time being.

MAXES - not all time pr’s, but conservative maxes i could get on any day.

Push Press-145

90% 5/3/1 MAXES

Push Press-135

I am already about a week and a half into my first cycle, catching up…

March 31st- 1st cycle, week 1
Deadlift Day
Power cleans- 115x3,135x3,155x3,175x3
Deadlift- 185x5, 230x5,265x5,300x10
front squat-95x5,135x6,185x6,185x6,185x6
t-bar row-25x10,50x10,75x10
pulldowns- 105x10, 125x10, 125x10
db hammer preacher curls-20x12,25x12,30x12,35x12
reverse hyperextensions- 2x20

April 1st-
Bench Day
push press-light- 45x8,65x5,95x5,95x3
Bench- 45x5,95x5,135x5,145x5,165x5,190x15
dips- bwx6,25x6,35x6,45x6
incline db fly- 20x8,25x8,30x8,35x8,40x8

April 3rd
squat day/ military day
Squat- 135x5,135x5, 195x5,225x5,255x10
Military Press- 45x5,65x3,85x5,100x5,115x8
lateral raises- 15x10,15x10

april 6th -week 2
Dead day
Power clean-95x3,135x3,155x3,175x3
dead-185x5,225x1,245x5,280x5,315x11 - forgot it was week of three reps
Low cable row- 4px10,5px10,6px10,8px10,10px10
ham curls- 4px8,5px8,6px8,8px8
reverse hypers-bwx10,25x10,25x10,25x10

april 7th
Bench Day
Push press -light- 95x3,95x3,95x3
bench- 45x5,95x3,135x3,155x3,175x3,200x10,175x3,155x13
dips- bw-6x8
pullups- bw-3x5,3x4
incline fly- 25x8,35x8,40x8,45x8
bentover reverse fly-10-6x10

april 8th
am- 1.5 mile hilly run
pm- tabata row/kb swing

April 9th
Squat day
power clean- 95x5,135x3,135x3,135x3,135x3
Squat- 135x5,135x5,185x3,210x3,240x3,270x11
HS squat machine- 2px8,4px8,5px8,6px8,7px8,8px8
A1-straight arm pulldown- 45x10x4
A2-stretcher pulldowns- 65x10x4

April 11th
Decided to switch to push press, it feels better on my rotator cuff.
Push Press day
Push Press-45x3,75x3,90x3,105x3,120x12
Seated DB press-30’s x8,40x8,45x8,50x8,55x8,60x8
A1-Cable laterals-2px10,2px10
A2-Face pulls-50x10,50x10,50x10
Incline laterals- 15’s x10,15x10,20x10
B1-Farmers walks-75’s x1 lap,80x1,85x1,60x3 laps
B2-Band Dislocates-blue band-10,10,10,10
Band Pull-aparts-blue band-12,12,12,12

Week 3
April 13th
Deadlift Day
Power Clean-95x5,135x5,135x3,155x3,185x3
Speed Box Squat-135x4,135x4,135x4 First time doing these, wanted to keep it real light and fast
A1-Straight arm pulldown-45x10x4
A2-Stretcher pulldown-65x10x2,75x10
A3-GHR (on pulldown seat)-bwx8x3 these felt really hard but good for the hams, first time doing these
B1-Pinwheels curl-20x10,30x10,40x10
B2-behind back BB shrugs-100x10x3

April 14th
Bench Day
Push Press-95x3,95x3
Close-Grip Smith Press-95x8,115x8,135x8,145x8
Band pull aparts-10x4
Incline Bench-115x15x2 -constant tension
Incline Fly-30x8,40x8,45x8
Overhead extensions-45x10,55x10
A1-Farmer’s walk-90x1 lap,90x1,95x1,95x1,65x6
A2-Feet elevated Pushups-4x8

April 15th
barbell complex- 3 sets, minimal rest

Tabata on recumbent bike- My legs were like noodles for about half hour after and my lungs were on fire. I almost puked. I guess that is good…

April 16th
Squat day

Squat- 45x5,135x5,185x3,225x5,255x3,285x10

A1-Seated Good Morning-95x10,95x10,115x10,115x10,135x10
A2-Squat Machine-1platex8,2px8,3px8,4px8

B1-Standing EZ bar curl-25x10,45x10,65x8,75x8,85x6,95x6,95x6
B2-Reverse Hyper-BWx4x10

Behind Back Wrist Curl-50x15,60x15