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Peep Dis, Yo

I am guessing you had a Sinus Infection at the time?

Yes, we now capitalize the names of illnesses, Patrick.

Tha Joel: “I don’t think so. Since 1784.”

Props to the Almighty MBE for his allowance of the tag line.

You’re killin’ me with those corn rows brother. Give me your address, I’m gonna send you: a corncob pipe, dirty old overalls, shit-kickers and one big ass 10-gallon cowboy hat. That way you can look like one of my colleagues.

P.S. Oh, and a banjo

I was just thinking how excited your grandma would be to know that she was a part of the T-Mag website :slight_smile:

I just had to bump up this post - it’s too funny.

Joel, I have got to give you a bit of respect for posting this up…that has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a while - bro, you’ve got all these other punks fooled…the ghetto lingo, the dangerous look, the rows…it’s got to be a joke, right?! what, it’s not? Oh. Sorry bro. (lol) love ya.

Things I had to do: This