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Peep Dis, Yo

Tha Joel, all braided and ish.

Get down with your BAD self!

Dude…what the fuck?

Is someone playing a joke on Joel or is this as sad as it seems? How embarrassing for T-mag.

Oh yeah, word to yo mutha, Vanilla Ice.

Hey Joel, let us know what it’s like playing in the N.B.A.!

Not so much the hair, dude: but that shirt…hehehe

Are you stealing clothes from Dr. Serrano’s wardrobe again, Mr. Iverson?

Yes, you all are drinkin’ it rather hard. 'Tis alright, Tha Joel remains un-offended.

Tha Joel: “Realizing that there is more to the world than the dot on the map representing the small area in which I reside. Since I became accepting of boots, tight jeans, and cowboy hats.”

Damn, Joel, you is so sexy. Not only is you sexy, but you is talk like me. I loves yous. Hehe, the rows look good, man. Play on.

Dude, how long was your hair before the corns? I would have to guess pretty darn long.

Post us another pic as soon as you take out the rolls. Can you say “Troll Doll?”

In order of greatness (left to right): Tha Joel’s Brotha, Tha Joel’s G-ma, Tha Joel.

Here’s another pic from the same day; these were actually taken over a year ago. Right now, my hair isn’t braided; I cut if off for the summer and it’s just getting long enough to braid again (if I pull it straight down, it’s almost reaches my chin.) I’m looking to get it rowed next week sometime and I’ll try to post an “after” pic when I take it out. It’ll be all frizzy and ish.


How many guys did it take to hold you down while they violated you?

Hey Avoids Roids - Did you go to High School at H-K? Our soccer teams (Old Lyme) were serious rivals!

Good to know someone else is from the shore of good ol’ CT!


DAMN, Joellababalla:

The shirt! The shirt! It hurts my eyes, it’s soooo bright!

We now have a PM feature.

The shirt is black, red, and white.

Tha Joel: “Giving sight to the color blind. Since 2005.”

No Hogan, I went to high school in Wilton, about 400 years ago. :slight_smile:

Why do you both look so pissed off while standing beside your dear old grandma?

Da Joel: I’m diggin’ the 'Rows, bruh. Do you have manicured toes to go with those corn rows? You know, like the Nelly song;-) I actually had my head shaved for a couple months. Bic’d that thing daily. Kinda gave a little flavor to the fever. To each his own.

Vanilla Ice? C’mon, that’s not even close. AI? Yeah, 'tis more like it.

Your next mission, Da Joel, is to see if you can’t get G-Ma Joel to “Braid Up” wit ya.

Come on, guys, that’s Grandma – SMILE! (or no cookies…)