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Peeling Boiled Eggs

Anyone here have some tips for peeling boiled eggs? Im eating a dozen a day and am getting mildly sick of having my whites implode whenever I try to take off the shell

Search YouTube, there are dozen of “hacks” to peel eggs. Some work better than others so give a few a try.

The method that worked well for me when I was eating these during my last contest prep was making sure to let them sit in some ice water for a bit after they were done. When you’re ready to peel, take the egg in your hand and smack it against a cutting board, then roll it back and forth, usually peels off very easily. Good luck, it can be a pain lol.


watch the move Angelheart. You get a masterclass in egg-peeling from Robert De Niro


Peel them as soon as they are done, after a few minutes in some cold water. Don’t try to save it for when you want to eat them.

well done sir…well done.

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x100 The cold water trick is the money move!


Bake them in muffin tins instead of boiling, then ice water, then peel immediately.

Google Ina Gartner and her boiling egg method. Works for me.

Interesting. Never heard of this before. What temperature/time?

I think it’s 350 for 15 minutes off the top if my head. Check Google.

11 out of 12 perfect eggs. F*ck you chickens, your babies are my bitch now


I was told to put some salt in the boiling water.

Cold water trick usually works but some eggs are just a b*tch to peel regardless. Props for being able to eat a dozen a day, I max out at 4!

I have chickens and fresh eggs are hardest to peel, After trying just about every method, here’s what gives me the best result:

  1. I don’t boil the eggs, I steam them in a steamer basket, 14-15 minutes.
  2. Immediately shock in cold water, drain and…
  3. Shake the pan and break up the shells.
  4. Repeat the cold water and make sure the shells are well broken up.
  5. Peel under cold running water.
    Good luck!

If one likes hard boiled eggs, but I take it one step further. Haven’t screwed around with a shell in some time.


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Like everyone’s saying, it’s not about the actual peeling. It’s about how you cook the eggs.

There’s a membrane between the shell and the white. By cooking it properly, you can avoid it sticking and mangling the egg. Shocking the eggs in cold water (transferring them out of the boiling water right into ice water or under cold running water for 5-10 minutes) is key.

Also, if you’re boiling them, make sure the water is boiling before adding the eggs instead of bringing eggs-in-water to a boil. I still haven’t tried baking them, but after seeing the results, I’ll give it a go next batch.

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Thanks for all the responses guys. The last couple of days I’ve been bringing eggs up to boil from cold water (they crack if i put them straight into boiling water), take them out, put them in cold water, then shake them around in a jar with a bit of water. Works a treat

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This tip was gold. Thanks. They taste better than boiled.


Been following T-Nation for years and just today had to create an account when no one offer this solution for eggs that peel like nothing, steam them. Cheers and thanks to all for the info!