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Peeing Outdoors

Ok, who else does it besides me?

My girlfriend thinks its barbaric.

I don’t do it in broad daylight around a ton of people, but sometimes in the morning when I’m letting the dog out I roam into my fairly secluded back-yard and wizz on my favorite tree, it’s usually dark, or barely light out. It’s also handy when my roomate is in the bathroom (old house only one b-room)…


I grew up outside so I have used mother natures toilet about a million times to date. There is absolutely nothig wrong with it, everyone has to pee, even little kids, so to whitness something that you yourself do on a daily basis should’nt offend anyone. Actually if I do offend someone by peeing it will probably make me laugh as I always like to ruffle stuffy peoples feathers a bit.

There are very few pleasures in life that can compare to the morining back porch pisser.

It’s what men are supposed to do. It’s our right, nay it is our calling to mark our territory just like our ancestors before us did.

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Every man should pee in the outdoors at least once a year.

My boys love being at the cabin because they get to piss outside.

Tell them to finda tree and it’s a natural thing for them.

They arent afraid of the dark when they have to go.

Those of us not brought up in the city have been doing it since we were little.

I am on probation for urinating in public. I had a couple(8) beers or so and I pisse d before we left. My girl was the DD, and we were heading out to her uncle’s place which was a 20-30minute drive and what do you know, I had to pee again. So I see this big trolly parked in a parking lot, that was unlit, and decide that’d be a good spot. Its 3 am mind you. So I’m peeing and midstream a cop comes roaring into the parking lot. Now I’m on probation and its costing me $700, just for taking a god damn piss.

There’s nothing wrong with it. I even taught my son to piss on a tree when he was 3 and we were on a hike. What else are you supposed to do when you have to piss? The only problem was one time shortly after his lesson, I was mowing the lawn and looked over my shoulder and saw him in the front yard by a tree with his pants down around his ankles. He was going to take a shit on the tree!!! Priceless moment! That I won’t tolerate because I would have to clean it up.

I would say that any man who is unwilling to piss outside is not really a man, but a chick with a dick. And I don’t think its wrong for chicks to piss outside either.


I took a leak in minus 20 degree weather between a bus stop in downtown ottawa and the train station. There’s a little path that people walk down after they get off their bus. Anyway, about 300 people were watching I think, it was an all around great time.

I tend to do this when im drunk…for some reason peeing on things when your wasted seems like a really good idea at the time.

When you gotta go… you gotta go. Seriously, a secluded back yard, early morning, dark, I don’t see the big deal. Reminds me of when I was about seven or eight and I got caught pissing in a friends back yard and his mom called my parents. I think I was grounded for an afternoon.

Im from Jersey, where pissing in public is a daily occurance. Even then, off/on your own property isnt shunned one bit.

I myself, piss outdoors habitually, and yes - feel damn good about it.

Right off the back porch. It’ll make you feel good, believe me. Landscapers do it like its nobody’s business… which it isnt.

One of life’s simple pleasures…

well ive been pissing outside as long as i can remember. nothing beats it. now im in the army and i get to pee and poo all the time outdoors. cant be beat except when i was in alaska and it was 60 below zero and i had to poop. that sucks. but 30 guys pissing on the same tree turns the snow a sickly orenge color that is unmatcheable for crayons.

i like to pee on car tires. anyone see the robin williams comedy central when he talked about cats v men peeing on things? very funny.

When a man’s gotta go,
a man’s gotta go.

I have taught my children, and -ah, yes- even my WIFE to pee outside. She was a timid little doe at first, but now has no problem droppin’ it in the woods. It makes me proud.

I just piss in the car. Why put forth the effort to get out to go piss?

This is, of course, more fun in a rental.

What about peeing in the shower while your girl is washing your back…is that wrong?

Even more fun in a friend’s parents’ car, heheh.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I just piss in the car. Why put forth the effort to get out to go piss?

This is, of course, more fun in a rental.[/quote]

Places I pee-

2.In the shower.
3.On my girlfriend in the shower.
4.In pools and hot tubs.
5.Car door handles.
6.In the sink at a bar if the stalls are full.