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PEDs in the Police Academy?

Im going ti be going in to the academy this fall, either becoming a police officer or DNR. My question is about PEDs and police, i have family in law enforcement and i obviously lift so my family shows me of some officers benching 500-600lbs juicy AF looking, and ovisouly their on gear you can tell. Now i was wondering how department’s feel about that, should i come completely off PEDs while getting in, then once im in i can start useing again? What are your thoughts?

Seems a bit hypocritical to be using AAS while undergoing training to work in law enforcement.

That being said I doubt they’d test for the presence of AAS. Do they drug test at all?

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Of course they drug test but its a widely known fact that many departments unofficially encourage steroid use. Its good to be physically dominant when performing a job like that but when it causes you to become mentally unstable and you start your shift just waiting to bust heads and jump down some elderly womens throat during a traffic stop it becomes an issue.

So you are wondering how are departments going to feel about you using an illegal substance while working your job ruining other people lives for using an illegal substance?

You will make a fine cop.


I used to know of a DEA agent through an old acquaintance that grew marijuana in large quantities… That concept of that really irritated me…

I do find it exceptionally iritating when people who are supposed to enforce the law break the very laws they put others in jail for, seems mighty hypocritical, and I can’t imagine how one wouldn’t feel guilty ruining countless lives on crimes that they themselves commit

Edit: grow weed if you want, I have no problem with that (as long as it’s for personal consumption), just don’t grow weed while arresting others for doing the same thing lol.


Right i know how you feel, i hate it when life is unfair, life is susposed to be equal for everyone right.

In a perfect world, it more or less should be lol

You got fat cops, old cops, cops just collecting paychecks, then you have the cops who live for that cop shit. They workout all the time and look yoked, generally wear those shorts and gloves with the tour De France sun glasses, will ticket you for Jay walking, have names like Chad.

Find some Chad’s ask them what’s the best route to take they could probably best advise you.


No, definitely not.

Everyone, however, should be equal under the LAW. The ones enforcing it should be held to a higher standard.

Shit, I generally don’t even give a crap about some cops doing minor stuff like this. They’re human. Of course there’s going to be some of these things going on behind the scenes that we normally close one eye to as long as it doesn’t affect others.

But you had to go post this stupid comeback.

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Equal for everyone,no. That is not fair to people who bust their ass. Those who break the law, should not enforce the law.

Cops like that are sovereign citizens. They believe they are above the law or law doesn’t apply to them. Badge does not grant extra privileges.

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Glass house, my man.

No shit

Such a bro name… Chad… Trent, Brad

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Lmao look at Ronnie Coleman. You think anyone in his department thought he was natural?

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