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PEDs for Size and Power?



I'm a 22 year old professional athlete (I'm not going to divulge too much but it's a contact sport which involves lots of running).

The reason why I'm on here is because I'm in a trouble. I'm nearing the end of my first contract and the coaches really want me to put on weight. I find putting on muscle easy up to a certain weight (at around 100kg) where I can't get any heavier while staying lean (skin calipers say i'm 4%).

Not only that, I lose my speed and mobility exponentially past that weight. I'm powerful and quick, I've got several of the power and strength records on my team, and I want to keep that and but put on weight obviously.

What PEDs would you more seasoned guys suggest and how would you cycle it? I have a relatively short off season (about 1 month) and around that there is a period of around 6-8 weeks where I won't be tested.

This means that I would only be able to take these drugs around then, after which I would have to cut them out totally. Is it possible to keep the gains? I've stayed well away from drugs throughout my career so far and it's brought me this far but I need something extra.

I don't want a lecture about how you don't need drugs to perform and how you have to do it naturally because the truth is I'm trying to make a living and not everyone is on the same genetic playing field.

Thanks very much for the help, any info is much appreciated.


for a short cycle such as that, you'd need test prop (or even test suspension if you can handle all the pinning), and some type of oral. NPP might be a good choice as well if it's purely muscle mass you're after.

Just make sure you tape your ankles up like fuck when you're doing your athletics training. Roids make it very easy to injure yourself.


you won't "keep the gains"


No lectures here. If you want to use drugs effectively for your sport, you need to learn how to pass a drug test while being on. 1 month is not enough to reap any benefits. Coincidentally, the front page article by Shadow Pro today addresses this to some degree.


Thanks, have you got a link to the thread please? Couldn't find it. I also figured that if I was going to do this, I should do it properly. How did you guys learn about this stuff, through books or through trial and error? I ordered a book called anabolics 10th edition, I was hoping reading it could give a good foundation knowledge into steroid use. Sorry for clogging up the thread, I'm sure these questions sound retarded to a lot of you


Why don't you hammer the shit out of the skills specific to your position. (I'm guessing it's rugby)
There's only so far size will get you, and depending on the position you play size is not the be all and end all..
Don't be naive to think that people won't notice and pass comment, especially if your playing professionally.



It's not exactly detailed, but gives you a rough idea of how it goes down.

I learned everything I know through the internet, by reading through countless threads and articles, talking to people with experience, reading up on biology and chemistry as it relates to the subject (Wikipedia's not a bad place to start)... I've probably invested, at this point, hundreds of hours in learning... maybe up into the thousands. It takes time. The book you ordered is likely a useful place to start as well.

As for the drug testing stuff... The specifics of how your league runs its drug testing policy mean everything. You need to know exactly what substances can and can't show up on the tests. You need to know how often these tests can happen, how much notice you'll have for a test, how long each drug takes to clear your system, whether masking agents are treated as positives, whether someone literally watches you take a piss or not, etc. If you're smart, and do all the necessary homework, you have a good chance of not getting caught. You should definitely be aware of the penalties of getting caught though. Weigh the risk/reward.