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PEDs for a Soccer Player


H buddies,

Im looking for some guidance. Im a 30 year old soccer player at the end of my career. I have noticed that I am taking an extra day or 2 to recover from games and training. General soreness and stiffness is also becoming more noticeable.

I was wondering if you guys have any "chemical" hints and tips that could help me prolong my playing days for another couple of years??

side notes: Sorry i have no information regarding my blood work(although I can try and get them if you really want me to), and no, there is very little chance of me been drug tested, and I have no ethical concerns regarding taking PEDs to help me prolong my playing days. I do spend time in the gym, but putting on muscle is not my primary aim, I am more concerned about recovery.

Thanks in advance.

Uncle Bird.



Premarin and spironolactone should help.


Listen champ.

I asked a serious question... if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say it.



ive been waiting for a chance to use these


couple more


last one


and a video


gH would be my first suggestion and maybe go on TRT?



test, deca, or eq maybe? some growth would be nice, but pricey.


Boldenone, since it increases RBC. Low test, no more than 350mg per week(even 350 may be overkill), winstrol if it does not dry out your joints too much. Also, trenbolone IF you do not get tren coughs or a luck of endurance from it (unlikely, but possible). For all of these, start really low, and build up to the point you are comfortable with. For people not really heavy (like you and me are) too many anabolics WILL increase our weight, no matter what we do or how we eat.


compounds that will help you:


but as you can see from my previous posts.. soccer is a gay sport so..


if i was playing a sport i wouldnt touch tren during season with a 20' pole.


Achy joints?


kills my cardio


GH would probably help with recovery, erythropoietin for endurance (good luck finding it).

Really though, steroids don't really help all that much with football (that's right, I called it football) which is why it's one of the sports where they're not prevalent.


Test or EQ. Gh if you can afford it. If you run test make sure its with a good AI bc I doubt bloat and bitch tits will enhance your abilities on the field lol.


Mate its just football FFS, just take some hydrolysed whey or casein post workout. Has cyclic dextrin/Plazma come to Oz yet, if so get that.

Also if you stop putting tweet at the end of every bloody post your test levels will double over night.


definitely kills cardio


17methyl 19-nor test is supposed to be great for soccer players. Try china.

edit: common name is methylestrenolone. It's supposed to be very anabolic and is popular in Europe.