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Pedro Sauer Seminar?


Has anyone been to a Pedro Sauer seminar? I'm thinking of going to one this weekend. I've been to some awesome seminars, and also some crappy ones, but have heard nothing about Sauer's. Anyone have a review?


I've heard some good things about his seminars via Team Lloyd Irvin in DC, however, I have to ask you how many seminars come to your neck of the woods? Food for thought.


It's not even my neck of the woods, it would be adding a detour to a trip, and it's $125. I went to a Monson seminar, and it really wasn't worth a whole day and a hundred dollars.

If it's a good seminar though it'll be well worth it. I'll ask some of the guys today, but will probably just do it.


I've got an impression that Sauer is really smart guy and I like his BJJ techniques on youtube. You may want to check some of them out if you haven't. Is the seminar about selfdefence or BJJ?

I bet the seminar really is worth the money.


I train under Professor Sauer in Sterling VA. He's an excellent teacher, I highly recommend going to his seminar.


I train at a PSBJJA affiliate in Newfoundland and got to do a couple classes at the Sterling location last summer. Professor Sauer is an amazing instructor, you should take any chance you can to learn from him.