Pedro Martinez

I’d like to kick him in the testicles.

Douche bag.

Yeah. Major cocksucker. I can’t stand that prick.

LOL! He put the fat man on the ground. That was great! I hate baseball, but I flipped through the channels just in time to see that! It was great!

Go Sox! (I’m from New England, so if I ever cheer for a baseball team, it’ll always be the Red Sox).

I’m with you on that. What a piece of crap.

I didn’t see it, but according to the coach ran after Pedro. That shows me stupidity on the coach’s part and Pedro cannot be expected to just sit there and not defend himself. Again I didn’t see it, so if this is wrong, my bad.

whatever… this thing between the sox and yankees predates pedro.

he won’t be the last pitcher to do that…

now the zimmer sidestep and throwdown… that was a one-time classic!

uh, what was he supposed to do. looked like zimmerman was going after him. i once got into an altercation at work with a very young guy wha was half my size, he came at me, and i slammed him. i took so much shit for"picking on a little guy" that it made me sick! but even if the guy was a lot smaller than me, was i supposed to let him hit me?

He is a complete jackass.

Have you heard of maybe grabbing a guy by his arms and simply holding him there? If he’s not a threat (which Zimmer isn’t), you can keep him at “bay” (I use that term loosely) pretty easily. You don’t have to throw the guy on the ground. And let’s not forget what precipitated the benches clearing: Pedro throwing behind Karim Garcia’s back, an even more dangerously idiotic action.

My summary of the Red Sox:

  1. Pedro is a world-class asshole.

  2. Manny Ramirez is easily the dumbest human being ever.

  3. A majority of the team is gay because straight men can’t possibly hug each other that much. If you watch a Red Sox game for more than, oh, one inning, you’ll know what I’m talking about. David Ortiz would grope Nomar for a good throw during infield warmups.

Definitely a douche-bag. Where I’m from throwing down and old man is looked upon the same as tossing a woman around.

youre a fuckin idiot if you put any blame on pedro for what happened…

wake the fuck up and stop letting tim mccarver dictate how you think.

if some crazy old man bumrushed you on the street…you would do the same shit.

I wish Pedro had given the fat, ugly bastard an elbow drop once he was down. He’s got no place in the world of sports…and certainly no right to be taking cheap shots at the greatest pitcher in the game.

Steinbrenner probably put him up to it.

It looked to me more like Zimmerman did most of the work himself by charging Pedro and throwing himself off balance. It look more like a grab and side-step.

pitchers hit batters ALL THE TIME.

they do it 1) to retaliate, 2) to clear the plate, or 3) by accident.

pedro should not get more heat than any other pitcher who’s hit a player at some point. roger clemens beaned piazza right in the head a couple of years back. this time, he clearly had the intention of retaliation against manny for the hit garcia took.

if people are pissed off at the fact that jolly old Zimmer got his ass thrown to the floor, well blame that on Zimmer. He clearly instigated that brief contact between the two. Pedro did the right thing by sidestepping the guy and using the momentum he was carrying against him. pedro never hit him, nor did it seem like he had the intention of doing so.

manny ramirez is the dumbest human being ever? how do you qualify that? the dumbest human being ever probably couldnt learn the rules of baseball, let alone be in the major leagues. manny is clearly at least a human being with at least average intelligence. does manny have a chip on his shoulder? perhaps but that doesn’t make him dumb.

if you’re biased because the sox are not your team or some other reason, just say so.

Now that I have seen the play…

The old guy is a baseball coach. He is suppose to have the intelligence to lead the Yankees to a world series and quite frankly I think that has to be one of the stupidest move I have ever seen. I think Pedro responded the right way IMHO.

What Pedro did was stupid. Zimmer is 72 years old. Although Zimmer should have known better. Throwing at the other team is also stupid, the only thing that matters is winning the game.

lmfao cmc…!

Pedro and Zimmer were both wrong. Zimmer should have stayed on the bench and not gone after him and Pedro didn’t have to toss him to the ground by his head, even though it was pretty funny!

I thought Pedro was a piece of garbage before this Zimmer thing. He’s a smug piece of shit.

The Yanks and the Sox did some bad things during this game.
Pedro started the whole incident and then t “T” kicked in.
The umpires are really the ones to blame as they should have ejected players before it got to this point. The umps let it get completely out of hand.
It was an ugly day for baseball. Period.