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PED Management for Strength Athletes


I'd like to get some feedback from all the experienced guys.

What would be best way to manage PED cycling for a competitve strength athelets.
The athlete will be drug tested , once he medals at the national level (simple T-E test). More stringent drug testing will be imposed when he achieves olympic qualifying results. Year around random testing (WADA) if he compete at international level. WADA have recently decided to perform selective testing on old samples, and serve retroavtive bans ( Does it mean Carl Lewis will lose his medals for stimulant usage? probaly not, WADA will use it with geo-political motives) . This have a big impact on PED cycling and selection.

The athlete is currently off the radar, so to speak. He will be trained to a very high level (international) before competing in any events. The plan is to compete in 2011, one year prior to the Olympics. He would perform just above the minimum qualifying standard in all event, try not to get attention from the anti-doping people. He would compete in one major world event 2011 to qualify for 2012 Olympics and get some experience. The main aim would be for the Olympics obviously.


I'm all for drug use in untested competitions, but...

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Meph, just to clarify - are you saying that of the T:Epi tests done, WADA may choose to re-test those for synthetic T derivatives at a later date?

If so then i would stick to T and Epi T use, unless of course exogenous Epi is something that can be tested for too (i don't follow such things).


Yeah, in an ideal world such moral scuples would be perfect. But we all know how endemic AAS use is in Olympic weight lifting, it's like you need a bacchelor in endicrinology to even compete in those events.

So i don't think OP's question is that unreasonable.

Maybe those wanting to talk practicalities can chime in and the rest can STFU? :smiley:


Just a question comment tho, from an inexperienced boy - aren't they all on, primarily, on GH and other peptides? Cos that shit is virtually undetectable?


Jesus fucking christ.

Lets hear your input then - what would you suggest?


Yes, sorry, that was a little harsh. I was being mr obnoxious...


I think some TNE usage would ok, probably at the low end of the scale. Depend on individual physiiology, some people take 300mg of test, and still pass T:E. Peptide usage is also quite safe in the off-season.

Let's not forget those transgenic stuff, such as IGF-1 overexpression. But gene doping and specific desginer drugs are hard to access for privately funded athletes.

AAS use in OL is widespead, but you don't need fancy stuff to get result. e.g test and dbol will do. But people always get caught with dbol (like the whole bulgarian team, india for multiple time), so you need something a bit more discrete.....


If the athlete is looking to compete in 2011, I would recommend some medium length (6-8 weeks) frontloaded test e and dbol cycles for the time being. The athlete must make sure that they are lifting hard enough and eating correctly when off to maintain most of their gains in the beginning. As the time toward 2011 approaches, test e could be swapped for test prop and eventually test suspension due to their short half-lives while the dbol would have to be dropped.

HGH and peptides also should be used throughout this time period and the athlete must learn how their body responds to each compound from a strength perspective. Olympic testing is tough to beat, but I do believe that meticulous planning on your part could allow you to compete at an international stage while enhanced, however it may not be to the degree you are hoping for. Just remember if everyone could get away with using, they would be.


The hypothesis stated above is a good "dream", there is no way that any individual can show up and qualify in one race and make it to the Olympics, first you have to make the team this year or by first half of next(where you will face multiple check ups).

AAS might help but its not magic; you need discipline, stamina and "mental focus".


That was my thought as well. And if indeed one could just emerge and win it would raise more suspicions then not. If anything, it just puts the athlete under the spot light. But I have been out of the elite scene for many galaxies and don't know what is the norm now.

I agree completely.
It also occurred to me how said athlete was going to develop the above attributes and the inner stance of what the definition of an athlete actually is without repeated exposure to competition. The victory is on the mental challenge of the journey. Lest we are talking about psychological quantum leaps which would entail an extraordinary human being - in which case the assistance of "PEDS" may not be necessary.


Testing is getting better and better, prolonging the detection times of a number of compounds. The only compund I would feel safe using as a tested athlete would be Test (as stated TNE being the safest bet).

Peptide/GH use seems to be the way to go in terms of "next generation doping" as the tests for them are nonexistent/shoddy at best.

At the same time, I agree with BBB on this one. Use for recovery purposes is alright by me, but enhancement is where I start to question the usage of it. Although my opinion is worth nill to nothing in the grand scheme of things.


The peptide are "current generation", they can be detected within 24 hours of administration via blood test. So the risk is pretty low.

Consumers today demand very high standards in sport. There are money to be made in broadcasting rights, advertising, tickets etc. So basically everyone is supporting PED usage indirectly. So many professional athletes have to dope up with meet the demand. Amateur sports are even worse, those scums in IOC set the qualification standards so high, and at the same time demand strict drug testing! Well, at least no one gets tested in WSM.


I agree.


This might be of use i found on anotha site:

Hi joe16,
Beleive it or not its not that difficult to get away with drug testing.

Most users wouldnt risk competing whilst taking anything as i would of thought most if not all of them would be tested.

The problem is 'out of competition' testing, which is supposed to be random (i have my doubts).
But at the end of the day if you dont piss in the mans pot u cant be banned!
Ways round being tested are:-

2 home addresses. one where u live which u NEVER reveal and another address preferbly your parents who will simply say your out.

2 Training venues. One where u train which again u dont reveal and another where people can say you've been and gone.

Someone informs u your being looked for at which point u stop taking what ever it is your taking and keep low for a while.
When ever u are sure its fine to be tested u train 4 a week at the gym the tester is looking for u at and provide a clean sample.
Testers arnt stupid they know whats going on but there is absolutly nothing thay can do if you provide a clean sample.

There are loads of lifters who take steroids for most of the year and are tested 3 - 6 times randomly each year and have never been caught.

I know one bloke who has an 'arangement' with a freind to get the sample off the tester before he gets back to his car IF he's ever caught.
Thats a bit extreme i know.

But basicaly you just have to be difficult to find.



Most athletes are banned if they do not provide the sample actually.

If you need an example that is fine too.


Well, I have nailed it down to Test suspension 30-40 ED and /or IV GH, as far as conventional PED goes. And a bit of cutting agent to make weight, for athlets compete in weight classes. The performance enhancement comes from the increased recovery, so the athlete can train harder and more frequently, which leads to higher performance even off PEDs. Long term PEDã??cycling does have permanent benefits.

Elite olympic athlets today doesn't acutally take a lot PEDs. If the guy can't shotput 20M/65ft or Clean and Jerk 400lbs @ 180bw or run a 10.0 natually, then he is not gonna get a medal regardless of PED usage.



no AAS only GH.


Well, they still uses AAS, but they tend to get busted for it. Look at those countries that no long have goverment funed drug research programmmes. They have to take "regular" AAS, and take the risk of getting caught. e.g Bulgarian Weightlifting team tested positive for dbol in 2008, yeah the whole team. WADA tend to focus on certain nations, if they suddenly get really good. E.g Greece, Turky, Ukraine, India