PED Induced G-Flux

I’m up much too late, and my mind is still racing…

So, I’ve got a question about PED’s in relation to Berardi’s G-flux.

If the basic theory of G-flux is 6500 calories ingested and 6000 calories expended will yield better results than 3500 calories in and 3000 calories out, then…

If we compared two cycles, both were frontloaded test E for 8 weeks. However, one included albuterol or clenbuterol or T3 and the use of GHRP-6.

Assuming one has a hunger response from the GHRP-6, and thus eats more food (ingests energy) and uses a thermogenic (expends energy), would the cycle with the three compounds yield better results just via the theory of G-flux?

Obviously, the GH release from GHRP-6 will help yield better results, but how significant is that over an 8 week period?

I guess to ‘quantify’ things, when I use the phrase “yield better results” let’s assume improvement in body composition.

I feel like I’ve oversimplified things way too much, and obviously, not everything that works out well on paper or in your head works out in reality, so… Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts?

Let me state this first: Just My Opinion.

Even with enhanced recovery (gear), you can build only so much muscle. See, there’s a lot of accompanying non-muscular tissue growth to support said gains, and not to mention the CNS development and recovery! Add in the sheer amount of over training you’ll have to perform to expend 6000 calories (!) I have to say Berardi is wrong. Very wrong.

Stay away from gimmicks. Stay away from extreme: diets, supplement usage and get muscles quick schemes. I know this is boring, not fun and tedious. But it’s the only way. Eat, sleep, pin, lift, repeat. You simply won’t make ten years worth of muscle in two years.