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Pectus Escavatum

Just looking for some feedback. My chest has a deformity since it goes in; my sternum, when i was i born was concaved. At 16 surgery took place and I was maybe 5’8 125. Here I am 5’9 180.

here are some other pics…

back pic

and the wheels…

Got the pics any larger? They are rather small.
Maybe you could upload them on imageshack, if T-Nation don’t want to have them big :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like it’s held you back. Keep it up.

lookin good… well balanced… need bigger pics though

how long did you have to wait after surgery to lift again, what lifts were you not allowed to do? which procedure did you have done?

i have the same thing and ive been contimplating the surgery but i dont want to be barred from lifting for too long, so im quite interested in your experience

I had surgery sophomore year of highschool. The surgery I underwent was in Minnesota. The doctors name was Dr. Arnold. First name Leonard?, but he is retired now. His son or someone else has taken over his procedure. The procedure consists of placing a bar around your sternum pulling it out along with a brace that attaches that you have to wear for approx 3 months.

Then it is taken off and you have to do certain exercises to keep your sternum hard and out. I didn’t lift or anything after. There is no way you can. You can just walk, eat, and sleep. Not until the start of my senior year… about 1.5 years later was I able to train.

But its like 50% and I started recovering better and better while lifting. It definitely prohibits you from training if that is the problem for you. You would have to put aside a year to recover. My situation was very very bad. My sternum went in way more than average. Once I was recovered there weren’t any exercises I couldn’t really do. Not that I remember anyway. If you have any questions about anything else feel free to ask. Good luck.

Are the complications associated with this condition of cosmetic concern only? I’m asking because a friend of mine is considering surgery.

It can be, but for me it was that in addition to the fact that i had trouble breathing. I also think the doctor said something about it pushing up against my heart, and now its off. Mine was tough to look at.

wow, thanks for the input. really gives me more to think about… i was thinking 6 months recovery and that was hard to swallow. but a whole year would drive me insane not being able to do anything.

by the way excellent progress you cant tell you had it at all.