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Pectoralis Major Tendonitis

That’s what the PT says I have. Both of my shoulders were sore after a particularly intense RE DB bench session last January. I took it easy for a while, and worked around it, but it wasn’t enough. I have soreness in the front of my shoulder, which sometimes moves around to the back.

Three weeks ago, I went to a PT who was recommended as being good with strength athletes.He called it ‘Pectoralis Major Tendonitis,’ and showed me two stretches I can do…and recommended I come in twice a week for therapy. My work schedule right now doesn’t allow going in twice a week (and I’m skeptical), but I have been doing the stretches twice a day.

Three weeks in, I have no relief. I will most-likely have to see a Sports Doctor 100 miles away when work slows down in two months, but I would like to hear the insight from this board.

I’ll hang up and listen.

I wouldn’t wait two months. Who knows what kind of permanent damage you could cause? I’d at least try 1 PT session before you ditch it. The stretches probably aren’t going to do much by themselves - they are to supplement your treatment.

Amputate immediately

I had it for years. doctors and PT’s were absolutely worthless. Stretching probably hurt more than helped. What finally worked for me was doing a specific complex combination which was Bench Press followed immediately by a medicine ball toss I’ll describe here:

Grab a light Med Ball and lay back on a Swiss Ball or Bench. With the Medicine Ball in one hand carefully lower it into a Fly position then gently toss it up in the air and catch with the other hand and go back and forth like this for about ten. Then repeat starting with another set of bench. Slowly increase weights over time.

Before I started this I could barely bench more that the bar and this was, as I said, years. In about a year of doing this I had my bench up to 225 pretty much pain free. (I then blew out my shoulder on the trampoline but it was a nice year while it lasted)

I would recommend that you take another month off of all upperbody training. You can spaz your pec out doing Shrugs and Pullups and all kinds of stuff. Best just to let it rest. You could do some hot cold therapy during this time. After a month, start doing just what I suggest above for at least another month. No other upperbody. Feel it out from there and always err toward being cautious. Good luck.

[quote]on edge wrote:
Stretching probably hurt more than helped.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I tried some light DB flyes last Sunday, and I felt pretty good afterwards. I’m going to try staying with that.