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Pectoral Strain During Deadlifting


The last two times I've deadlifted, I've experienced pain in my right pectoral muscle where it connects under the arm. Both times, I've only felt it on my last set when I attempted a 1RM.

It's a mild pain, but I definitely don't want to keep pushing it until it becomes something serious.

I've been doing way too many 1RM attempts lately, so I plan to increase the reps and cut down the weight.

Can you think of any form issues that may be causing this problem? I don't have any videos yet.


It happens to me all the time, during 1RM, usually at contest. For me, I think it is the pec minor contracting to bring my scapular girdle downwards to artificially lengthen my arms, thus shortening my stroke and improving my leverage. For me I don't think it is a big deal.

For you, without examining you, it is hard to say.