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Pectin is Good For Prostate.


We all know prostate and AAS are often mentioned together. Here's more reason to eat your fruits and veggies.


My naturopath had me supplement with pectin when i was waiting for my cancer surgery 2 years ago. Interesting article.


Good news, did the study indicate which fruits or vegetables contained the highest amounts of pectin?


I just read the brief from www.sciencedaily.com, though I'm sure they didn't provide a list. Google would though.


I could be wrong but alot of the natural healing books focus on natural apple cider vinegar as well as the the mother. They say it has to do with the high pectin contents.


Here is a list of fruit and pectin content (not very scientific, but the best I could find with a quick search). It's from this webpage which has other pectin resources as well.