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Pecs Help


i am 15 and i am just starting out lifting. i do full body workouts three times a week and try to focus on my pecs more but i never feel anything afterwards. i feel like i don't acomplish a lot with my pecs. could someone give me advice or even tell me better workouts to do? thanks..


At only 15 I wouldn't imagine any specific area of your body is that very well developed, especially if you are just starting out. Don't worry if you don't "feel" much of anything aftwards, but you're muscles should still feel fatigued. Just do a bunch of big compound lifts, avoid the isolated crap, and you should be able to build a nice solid base, as that's all you can do in your case.

Truth be told if you don't feel anything at all, then you may be wimping out. Make sure you move enough iron to make the workout worthwhile. Pick a good plan on here and stick to it. Don't think you can just walk into the gym with no experience and start your own plan and get results. I guarantee at 15 you don't know what you need to concentrate on.

Good luck and read up...


I'm assuming your doing horizontal pressing (bench press or push-ups). In that case, your triceps are probably overpowering the chest.

One thing you can do to overcome this, would be double reps. The chest is more active in the first half of the press - whether you're pressing the bar or the earth away from your body. So for each full rep that you do, do a first half rep.

  1. Full rep
  2. Half rep
  3. Full rep
  4. Half rep

Another thing, that's worked for me, is to exhaust the chest with an isometric exercise. That is, to press the palms of your hands together in front of you, flexing the chest. You can do that in between sets.

Good luck!


i think i was using my triceps more than my chest, so ill give your idea a try. before i was lifting 80, 3 sets of 10.




would this really be your rec. to a 15 yr old wondering about developmment? would this be your reply to anyone?

As stated above. Don't even fret it. Continue with your workouts without any specialization at all. In fact, start working your back harder. A very common problem is the overuse of mirror muscles.


he wanted to know about pec development, so i suggested flys, i guess i didn't see this as something to get all pissed off about.


Use a varity of exercises. See this topic: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=545635