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Pecs Aren't Growing. Training Tips?


Hi i got a problem with my pectoral , i do incline and decline bench press with the bar and after with the dumbells and finally the pec-deck flys. I do all these exercises but my pectoral is not bigger than i start training what is the best to build my chest ? thank you for answering !


Get big everywhere else aka eat and lift. Potentially cut down on the amount of exercises and just focus on putting up more weight.


I would say that the problem is that you're not eating enough. If you arent gaining weight and getting bigger then you arent getting enough food.

We're going to need more info in order to help you out:
How big are you?
How strong are you?
Whats your set/rep scheme?
Are you getting stronger on your lifts?
How long have you been lifting?
Give us an example of your daily diet?

You're gonna need to give more info if you want us to help you.


It's called progressive overload along with eating big. If you aren't increasing the weights or sets/reps on a regular basis, you won't get stronger. If you are not getting stronger and not eating enough you will not get bigger muscles. I see plenty of guys at my gym lift the same weight day after day week after week month after month... and they are still the same size they were 2 years ago.


Everything else everyone is saying is good. You need to eat and train the part, and we need alot more information. I think this is just too many exercises for your chest, and is probably part of the problem. Cut back to just one compound chest exercise (like bench) and one accessory one (like the flys) on your chest/back day. Hit those 2 with high volume and high intensity and you won't be overtraining your chest.


If that's you in your picture you probably aren't overtraining. If you want to do more than 2 exercises for chest, go for it. Just make sure that you are eating and sleeping enough.


You're right. Overtraining was not the right word. What I was getting at was that alot of new lifters feel they have to do 4-5 exercises for one body part, and as a result lower the intensity..never really seeing results. IMO, better to focus on fewer exercises, higher volume, more quality sets. But I've never tried BPS training, so maybe I'm just way off here.


So you do incline and decline with the barbell. Then incline and decline with dumbells? THen flyes?

How bout this.

Pick 2 pressing movements. ANd lets not choose something absurdly redundant like incline barbell and incline dumbell.

Pick 1 flye type thing. I suggest pec deck or seated low cable flyes. No dumbells for this.

Get stronger on the pressing. Learn what 'ramping' is. Warm up well. And if you dont feel your pecs doing the work, they arent getting stimulated and youre wasting your time.


High volume AND high intensity? And that will avoid overtraining? O rly?

The amount of exercises someone does is not indicative of overtraining or not. Total amount of work done is.

For certain things more exercises is necessary. For somehting like the pecs, Id say 2 is on the skimpy side, even for a beginner. The pecs have 2 heads, its best to hit the pecs from multiple angles.


Yea, like I said, overtraining was not the right word. I rescind that retardedness. I was meaning more quality over quantity. Like you said, no need for redundancy. Fewer exercises so he can focus on highER volume and highER intensity, which he's probably lacking if a bodypart is lagging.