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Pec Tighness, Golfer's Elbow & Tennis Elbow


visited a pt for pain experienced during shot putting and he found all 3 of those things wrong with me...
I was given some good pec stretches but the other two he pretty much seemed to ignore anybody have any experience with elbow tendonitis and if so what did you do to help correct it?


Soft Tissue work on your extensor/supinator and flexor/pronator masses would be a good start and possibly some work on the biceps as well. Flexibility work for those muscle groups along with some soft tissue work (Graston, ART, etc) will help realign and lengthen the muscle fibers that commonly get restricted and tight from the gripping and stresses placed on the hands/wrists during the shot put event.

Also, some basic light resistant exercises for the wrist and fingers would be a good basic rehab approach to increase recovery.

I know it is a vague answer, but there really isn't much to go off of with the information you gave.


I suggest you stop shotputting/masterbating with your right arm for 6-8 weeks. I know this seems extreme and sounds difficult but trust me after a fortnight you will notice a much improved rhythm with your southie and your right arm will get the deserved break it needs.

ps No worries, its all in a days work.

EDIT: Spellchecked Rhythm, still looks weird!


what other info would be helpful? I've never been incredibly interested in stuff like this but as I can move more weight I'll need to be more mindful of stuff like this


When did the pain start? When does it hurt the most/what activities hurt it the most? How did the PT determine that you had both lateral and medial epicondylitis? What treatments have you done? Did the PT give you any treatment options for the elbow? Do you have follow up visits with the PT or was it just a one time evaluation? And just to clarify, you do mean physical therapist when you say PT right?


pain started at the end june when i fished Junior Olympics and its pretty much just throwing that hurts aggravates it unless its already sore then pressing can further irritate it. He said I had both types based on the location of the pain i was experiencing and the results of some grip tests. I've been back once and i will be going twice a week for two more weeks to do some flexibility and strength work for my posterior shoulder and have some soft tissue work done. and yes by PT i mean physical therapist

sorry I'm such a noob


I just went through PT for elbow tendonitis. My problem was irritation in the common extensor tendon. The PT used manual therapy and accupuncture over a three week period, combined with a variety of exercises (wrist curls, wrist rolls, various bicep curls and tricep exercises) followed by ice.

I'm currently wearing a forearm brace (small velcro strap with an air pad on one side) when doing anything that could cause a flare up but otherwise I'm feeling fine and back to lifting as normal. I do hand and forearm exercises daily now with very light resistence and use a few stretches in between lifts in the gym to keep that tendon happy.


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do you mean with something like a neoprene sleeve or a long sleeved shirt?


Either a neoprene sleeve or a long sleeved shirt will do, as long as there is appropriate compression and warmth provided from the sleeve.