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Pec Tears


This is going to sound crazy but I actually have torn both my right pec and my left. The first one Ill take full credit for, i had 315 for my 4th set of 10-12 and tore on 8. I basically built back up after a yr, then 2yrs later to the F'ing day I tore the left one, but this one is attributed to prednizone, I got chronic hives and they have no clue why well this jacknut doctor put me on prednizone for almost a yr, unbeknownst to me, it is actually catabolic and breakes down muscle, anyway long story it tore, but now it doesnt feel right, i try to just stay away from chest all together, and for the longest time about a yr now, my whole workout has suffered, i am not lifting heavy on any pressing movements.

I probably need to go back to the surgeon as i swear i can feel the tendon or a stiching or smething thru the skin, just freaked out about it, anyway i need some ideas on training routines that are chest light. I am deathly scared of tearing it again. Its like i have forgot how to train, so any ideas will be appreciated. maybe its motivation so whatever you guys got, I will use it


I tore my right pec about 4 1/2 yrs ago while bench pressing. I have stayed away from bench pressing just about all together since. After surgery to repair it I basically just used bodyweight and resistance band movements to train chest and surprisingly I regained a lot of strength doing that. I still don’t bench press any but I do do incline pressing movements and still use bodyweight and bands. If you have accesss to them I’d try giving the bands a try and adding different variations of push ups in with them and see where that gets you. Good luck.