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Pec Tear

Last week while benching I was feeling good and tried a PR. I had 405 on and as I
lowered the weight felt a tearing feeling in my left pec near my armpit. I was able to
push the weight up, tying a PR, and actually felt I could do 1 or 2 more but didn’t
want to risk it because of the tearing sensation. I finishing my workout, becuase
other than discomfort I didn’t feel any major pain. I have had no pain since and no
discoloration. What I do have is a brand new stretch mark about 2 inches long and
1/2 inch wide that is very painful to the touch. Is it possible that my skin tore under
the weight (I had a good pump going)? I can’t tell if it is muscle or skin that hurts
because of the stretch mark. I have had no problems continuing my workouts, but
tonight is chest again. I am thinking about going light and not pushing it just to see
how it feels. Anyone else ever had anything like this?