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Pec Tear


Just wondering if any of you have suffered a pec major tear. I was speed benching with bands last friday (6*6) on the last set/last rep i felt a pop near the origin on my right pec. The bar speed was fine my two lifting partners said so it wasn't fatigue however I think the culprit was overstretching. I had my first physio apt today (ultrasound, light stretching) during the movements i was fine (however tight because of the pull) internal rotation of the shoulder was painful under the armpit chest area along the tendon. I was just curious to see if anyone has experienced anything similar and what there recovery process was like.



Was it incline? I had a similar instance where I brought the bar too close to my chest on incline after years of always flat benching with safety bars only reaching up to 1-2" from my chest and I believe it was due to overstretching.

It has taken about 3 weeks to feel better but I still feel it when benching very lightly. I am guessing it may take about 2 months to fully heal. I would keep the bench presses down in weight and work your way back up in 2-4 weeks to feel for the discomfort and hope it is all gone.