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Pec Tear Rehab Question


Hi Coach,

I am a long time reader of this site and a huge fan of your writings. This past spring I suffered a major setback when I nearly completely tore my pec major near its insertion point on the humerus. I had reattachment surgery in July. Thankfully I was able to receive care from a very reputable surgeon who specialized in sports injuries and had full range of motion within six weeks.

I have gone through physical therapy which focused on strengthening of deltoid/rotator cuff/bicep/triceps and eventual re-strengthing (albeit minor) of the pec. muscle.

Now that I am able to seriously get back in the gym I’m curious what approach I should take? I especially would like to return to olympic lifts.

Do you have any advice on how I should setup a program?

Thanks for your time



One of things you really would need to do, is analyze your previous training and see what could have caused it.

How frequently did you train chest? How did you periodize your training? Did you use to do deloads? How much weight were you using on your major upper body lifts (imbalances)? Etc…

Guess that that will really help you to set your approach to training