Pec Tear? How do u know?

i was benching the other day, and got this pain, right where my pec meets my shoulder, right near the armpit. while it didnt kill, it did hurt a bit. and forced me to end my workout short. now i can move my arm around without any pain, its only when i do heavy benches or even inclines is when i get pain. is there a way to tell if u have a tear. the last thing i want to do is go to the dr. and have to get an mri and stuff. no way. there must be a way to tell. thanx.

I was going to start this thread today, but I’ll just piggy back if you don’t mind.

Saturday at the end of my workout I was spotting a guy and I thought I’d lay down and do a set while he was resting. I admit, I was showing off and it has bit me in the ass.

There was 315 on the bar and I did four reps no problem. A guy was spotting me, which never happens, so I thought I’d see how many reps I could get. On the fifth my right elbow flared out and RIP RIP RIP right in the middle of my right pec, about two inches above my nipple. I left and have been icing it for about 38 hours. There is a little bruising, and some pain. Am I screwed? What is my best course of action from here? Thanks for any advice.

Most Pec tears that I have seen have been really ugly, purple things. Most know right away when they have torn a pec. Have you tried IBUPROFEN? You may want to get it checked out by a Doc.

i have torn both pecs, the worst one didnt swell or discolor, but there was obvious disfigurement as some of the muscle tissue had visibly torn and moved to my lower pec. The other tear was not as bad but resulted in massive swelling and discoloration. It sucks, i know, stick to light weight and only go heavy in partial range movements and give yourself some time before that.

when i was doing inclines, i heard a little pop, or rather felt it, not any kind of a tear. right now, its sore when i press on it. i can do dips, just not benches. there is no bruising. and its not preventing me from doing any other exercises. so i m i don’t think its a tear, but you never know. if it is a tear, don’t think its a big one, cause i can move my arm around without any pain.