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Pec Tear. Can Only Go 50%

I just found out today i tore my peck from my doctor. My right peck. The reason being is I didn’t know how to bench.I still don’t it hurts my shoulder more and its swollen right were it connects to the peck. I have full mobility she was surprised how mobile i can reach opposite shoulder blades, extend my arms over head, and hold them out vertically while she pushed down no pain no problem.

She recommended I see an orthopedist though my grandpa is dermatologist he told me to just rest for a month see what happens before i talk to them I’m a senior in college so Im not dealing with manual labor anymore and just lift for fun but it hurts after i do push ups. The first day it hurt after one pushup. The fifth day it hurt after 5 its getting better. Today its been a week since my last heavy set. I wish I saw the Dave Tate video before this happened.

My routine on bench before the tear was heavy Tuesday speed Saturday. Tuesday Thursday was my military press day. My best heavy lifts before the tear went like this warmup (135x5) (225x5) 1st set 280x5 then (295x3 3rd 295 was o shit moment and before this it was always 290x3) I kept lifting anyway I go down about 15 pounds from my first 5 rep and it was 265x5 260x5 255x5 250x5 245x5 225 super slow x5.

For speed my best was 260x8 250x8 245x7 burn out 185. Looking back its been bothering me for a month. I kept lifting. The Saturday after the o shit moment i kept lifting. I hit my normal numbers then 260x8 250x8 245x7 then Tuesday I said since i nailed the 280 and the 295x3 ill start with 285 i only got 3. It hurt so I went back down 265x5 260x5 ect all the way down to slow 225. It hurt the whole time both Tuesdays and Saturday.

When it hurt to turn the staring wheel after last tuesday i knew i was fucked. Its either I accidentally flared my elbows or its from always using the squat cage and having to lift then swing to get the bar off the rack. Or it is from too heavy and going down to fast I always go down at nipple line or below though. I also was a retard in that I hadn’t took more then one day off from the gym out of my 3 day a week routine in more then 18 months.

The doctor told me I can do any lifts that don’t hurt but only do 50%. Im 225 pounds but only 59 my body fat is high according to my neck minus my gut and my belly button its like 45 and my neck is 19 so its like 26. The only exercises i think i dont suck at are the bench and the mp my max bench was 315 nothing to brag about but to me it was the one thing that i loved and it made me feel good not to sound like a fag.

When i first started lifting other then a weight lifting class in highschool my max bench was 185x5 about 18 months ago like i said it was 315 before the injury. My max military press was 180x5 I suck at squatting i do 135x7 (185x5)x3 then 135x7 i never dead lifted before im no fucking pro lifter but i dont want to turn more into mush. As it is i already have fucking man boobs and im 23 ive never had a six pack.

Can some one recommend me some exercises to not lose my power, oh by the way my arms are at 18 inches cold now and 19 after workout i guess never measured after workout. How can i preserve strength loose fat and keep my arms big while only going 50%. Also she told me to go 50% but if my military press doesn’t bother me im going balls to the fucking wall until the bar smashes some since into my skull.

Any programs that would benefit me our any one with a similar experience or some one who trained someone with this injury how did it effect your numbers how much strength did you lose. Don’t get me wrong im excited to try to lose weight and look better but I still feel shitty about potentially loosing all that hard work. I know this is my fault and what i get for being a bench bitch. Please give me program that might help preserve some of my strength while using the 50% guideline.

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