Pec Tear and Rehab Thoughts

I tore half my left pec off 13 years ago. Though it would heel had fuul range of motion, well it didn’t was stronger on over heads then flat or decline presses. Tryed slingshot a few years ago helped but still had pain in shoulder. Anyway started doing presses with slight incline on smith machine with green reverse bands, light out of hole heavier on lockout and can notice difference after third workout. Better pec and tricep development, front delt. Any other tips would be appreciated, i am not too geared up just 200test a week from doc, want to increase but it’s a different world than 2003.

I have pretty much given up on free weight benching because i can’t keep the bar centered (my torn pec side stays hugged in like a close grip) and the weight imblalance helped wreck my right elbow. Despite that, at one time i was repping 300 for a few years. UK bodybuilder PT Welsh had a serious pec tear a couple years ago and is back to moving some serious weight and he moves it well. Check him out on FB.

Look up bench blokz it’s a plastic cube , that fits on bar and verys from 2 board to 5 board , no need for a spotter this helped a little but it cost 55 bucks.