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Pec Surgery


I was doing a light chest work out yesterday and I tore my right Pec.
The doctor told me I need surgery.I dont know what to expect.
How much down time?
Will I be able to lift heavy again?
This sucks.


The doctor wasnt able to answer those questions?


The Doctor wasnt sure of her self and is sending me to a specialist on Monday but she did say I would need surgery.So I 'm just curious if anyone has been down this road before


I had a friend do the same thing. HE was a heavy lifter and tore his pec lifting light! I don't mean to sound negative but it was months before he was even close to being ok. (like 7 months)


Get a few opinions. I incurred a 40% tear of my pec in a PL meet....no surgery. From my memory, only a 70% or more tear requires surgery but I may be off on the %'s. My guess is the initial doc does not know what he/she is talking about.


Only tore 50% and the surgen told to give it 6 weeks before I did any benching or flys.


What were the symtoms of the torn pec? The reason I ask is that I hurt my pec doing flys and was black and blue under my nipple for a couple of weeks. It only hurt for a few days, unless I tried to do pullups or something similar. I've been resting it and haven't done any flys in a couple of weeks.


i would get an MRI. My symtoms were the same but my pec is only partially torn. The doc told me to lay off any pressing or flys for 6 weeks.


In 1996 I tore my pec off the bone benching 330lb,my pb at the time was 365lb.I was told I needed surgery and that I would be in a cast for 8 weeks.The doc said if I didnt have surgery,I'd never even bench 150lb again.I didnt have surgery,had an 8 year layoff,my pec would hurt and give me trouble on occasions.It sags a bit.

I now lift again,but I only bench once a month,with a very narrow grip.I'm back to 280lb on the bench.I'm thinking of stepping this up to once a week so I can hit 300lb again.

I have no regrets I did'nt have the surgery,not benching got me off my ass in the gym doing quick lifts and a heap of posterior chain work.
Thats my story.I was 198lb when I tore the pec,now I'm 213lb.


First day back. I went light but it was hard not to bench heavier.
When your in the gym and you used to be one of the stronger ones its tuff to restrain the ego.


Hate to be the barer of bad news but after having a full tear don't expect to be back to the gym anytime soon. I completely torn my left pec while bench pressing. When it let go half the gym heard it pop! It took me several doctors to realize what it was but when they did they got me in for surgery quickly. After the surgery it didn't get any better! My lung partially collapsed because of the surgery so I was back to the hospital.

This all happened 2 years ago and it took me about 8 months before I even felt comfortable touching a weight and even then I went low weight for some time.

You will never fully recover from this injury. If anyone has let me know cause I definately had the wrong surgeon. My chest is pretty out of wack. Not the prettiest sight nowadays. I take chest day pretty lightly.