Pec Stretch Question

I do a lot of doorway pec stretches, but being quite hypermobile, the stretch really “doesn’t take”.

My pecs are definitly too short, my shoulders are hanging forward and my neck overcompensates by pulling back.

I’m following Mike Robertsons “Heal that hunchback” but something is missing from the equation, and I think it’s the fact that I can’t get a decent pec stretch for some reason. Any tips on how to do this correctly?

I make sure to keep the elbow “soft” with the hand somewhat behind me and my body rotated towards it a bit. Then I’ll rotate the other direction and straighten at the thoracic spine and this’ll really get in my pec.

I know someone who can’t feel the stretch despite what he does with the doorway stretch so he clasps his hands behind himself to stretch his pecs or goes up to a wall and keeps his palm and whole arm against the wall and turns out from it. He says its the only way that gives him a stretch. I suspect his poor scapulae mobility is a suspect in him not getting a stretch in the doorway. You could be similar?

I think my problem is my shoulder mobility - I have too much of it.

[quote]carandrew wrote:
I think my problem is my shoulder mobility - I have too much of it.[/quote]

        Try this, get some heavy DB's. Lie down on your flat bench, and take about 10 seconds to get into the down position of a nice deep fly, now hold a deep stretch for 50 more seconds. This will definitely stretch your me. Do this after your chest training, and you will be a happy guy...after the initial torturous pain wears off.


Thanks, everybody!
Yeah, the DB stretch is pretty good. I did however find out what the problem was, in case anybody is interested… my pec MAJOR was very flexible, my pec MINOR was very tight. Stretching in a dorway doesn’t do much for this, but stretching your pec with your elbow way higher, like head lever, really pulls your pec minor.