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Pec Strain


I strained my right pec a couple of weeks ago rowing and playing table tennis on the same day. I haven't exercised for two weeks already. I don't feel any pain when I moved my right pec but it feels tender i.e. it doens't feel as strong as my left pec. I wonder if it is psychological. Do you think it is safe for me to start bench pressing again ?



What does common sense tell you? You'll never know if it's psychological unless you actually do it. Hit the gym, do low intensity first maybe and you'll see. Just saying...


How the hell did you strain your pec playing table tennis??

Do light weight first, work your way back to where you were.


I think it was more like overuse due my myraid of activities, kickboxing, tennis, rowing. It just happened during playing table tennis


Have you had any previous injuries including your pectoral, that may have triggered the strain?


Nope. I have never injured my right pectoral. I had a slight strain on my left pectoral a couple of years ago before from trying to break a max on my bench but never on my right pec. I think this time around it is due a lot to the fact a lot of my activities involve only my right pec, tennis, table tennis and rowing on one side of the boat only


really thats the only way to do it