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Pec Strain or Tear?

Hey guys
About 6 weeks ago going threw a lighter chest workout doing 3 sec pause reps on bench with 275lbs on 3rd or 4 th rep of 8 had my right-side lose control of the weight about 3" off my chest and the bar just dropped the rest of the way. No pain at all no rip/tear sound or sensation finished the set and finished the workout strong. Next day felt slight soreness right at the tendon area, no bruising or deformation. Was not until my next chest workout that I started with dumbbell incline and where I normally get 16-18 reps with the 100s I only got 8 before the right-side gave up on me (could keep going with left) . So I have not done any bar work other then over head for the last 6 weeks all Hammer strength, cables, dumbell flies and 100 push up before bed every night(how I rehabbed torn shoulder). Strength still not coming back much and still no real pain.

Is this something I should have had checked out? At the time it didn’t seem like any real injury just a minor strain

You’re strong enough to rupture a pec. So that is of concern. That said, it does not sound like a rupture. A strain… seems highly likely.

I would take it as a warning signal. Stay light on pec exercises until you no longer feel any pain or weakness. Then slowly increase the weight.

I wish you well.

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I appreciate the advise. Hard to get rid of my hard headed mindset push it till it break completely. Did floor press today with 225lbs after couple reps it loosened up and felt pretty good, will see how it feel in the morning and find out if I pushed it to hard. I’m 41 6’1" with a 6’5" wing span after 3 injuries from it I keep telling myself I’m gonna abandon barbell bench press but alway go back to it.

Hey, that sounds like a strain to me, better get it checked to be assured.
I should say focus more on isometrics

Also, note if you actually had a rupture (tear) there is usually some visible bruising due to bleed at the rupture site. It might pool below that actual rupture site.