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Pec strain and accelerated healing!

Hey guys! I was just doing my monday speed bench day with bands and on my first set, I strained the hell out of my pec! It hurts like hell do move it around now of course, but does anyone have any idea of how to accelerate the healing process? I have been icing it… But I know that is only good for so long after the injury. I really don’t want to go down in bench because I was improving a lot lately… any thoughts to how long the healing might take? THANKS! Spence

you can be as good as new in as little as 7-10 days…but you need ot do mild very low intensity activity almost everyday for the pec…get some 10 pound dumbells and a broom stick and make them your freind…do at least a 100 reps each day with the broomstick when the pain lessens go to the 10 pound bells…alos keep iceing near everyday, also hit up the contrast showers and hot tub…and hear is some thing i did wich helped me a ton…get in a swimming pool and swim with long slow strokes…alos if you can take some dumbells in the pool use those to do pressing work in the pool very light…bm


Shit man, I hate to hear that another fell victim to a pec injury. I was doing heavy negatives about 2 months ago and severely strained my pec minor and the deap inner belly of my bicep… That recovery process was hell on my esteem… I would never wish the inability to bench on anyone. I fucked myself up almost two months ago and am just now getting back into heavy weights… I,like you, was getting strong as hell, but now am fighting hard to get it back.

My treatment consisted of a lot of ice-towels and stem, followed by heat… then progressed to pressing light weights slow through unpainful ranges of motion. Just ice the hell out of it for a a few weeks, and then just keep pumping it with blood, pushing just under any pain…

I don’t have anything better than that… pool workouts are great too, though.

Goodluck man.


Mule, I did the same thing (sitting here with the icepack over my anterior delt) and I found it was because I wasn’t keeping my elbow tucked because that tricep was relatively weak.

My pec is already not feeling much pain! I can do slow push-ups with no pain. I keep the ice nearby and keep myself loose. I hope I am able to go somewhat heavy again next week… no jerky movements though!