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Pec Problems... Please Help

Alright im not sure how to explain this but you guys are the muscle guru’s so help me out Thanks Alot.

Alright so im 16 now and I have been doin bench since I was 14 not very consistently but ive always been doing some kind of benching and what not. Now here the big problem that I need help fixing… My pecs seem to grow out and not like side to side or anywhere else but like out. So im afraid its gonna get realy bad to were it looks like tits. I take whey and im active and the rest my body is strong I got bomb ass arms and decent tri’s but my Chest just grows weird. so Please help me is there anyway I can change it so it doesnt get bad? and so I can not have this happen anymore. Thanks

What is your diet like? When I start to gain fat mass my chest starts to look a little strange also.

Can’t look any weirder than mine. Try having tits that turn into pecs. Are you doing any type of flys?

would flys (flat or inclined) be good or bad?

Guns and pecs. Huh.

You can’t change a genetic predisposition to a certain muscle shape, but low bodyfat and balanced lifting will make the most of it.

Dare I ask what your quads look like?


Did you say “Bomb Ass Arms?” I am gonna have to steal that one from you for use at a later date.

I would say that this falls under the category of genetics, which if that is true, sucks. But I would identify any lagging body parts and bring them up to par with your chest, then see what you look like as a whole.

Just a thought though.


I lift full body. I lift 2 days of lowerbody vertical training for basketball. and 2 or 3 days of upperbody. LOL yeah I guess I did say bomb ass arms. well I meant that my biceps are developed. but my pecs seem to like hang down on me and when I wear shirts it like sticks out like 2 small small tite. of course I always have to wear like prep shirts and shit so you cant tell. but in some shirts like tank tops you can tell. So like any ideas how to I guess fill it out?

Oh yeah sorry the diet I follow is a 50-30-20. with low G.I. Carbs. and I eat 5-7 smaller meals a day. I never really followed a strict diet before but I have done this for a week and will continue to try and just watch what I eat.

If it is genetic then sux man, sorry to hear it. If not then here’s what came to my mind when I read your post.

How’s your upper / mid back? Could be that you aren’t balanced and so your shoulders are being pulled in, which would make anyone look like they have some tit action. How wide is your grip? Wider grips will help you focus the movemnet on the outter part of your pec. Do you do any lifts for chest other than flat bench? What about incline?

It could be my all around body as when I was younger like 14 I lifted dumb and only did Bench Curls and more curls, and the occasional squat the coach would make me do.

I really dont do much other then straight Bench this last summer I didnt have acces to a bench so I did alot of flies some were elevated. thats about the extent.