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pec pain advice


When i do bench press lately my pecs have been feeling really tight and sore even when warming up with the bar or 135 pounds. I really stretch them out during my warmups and do lots of reps with light weight but the pain continues. I only bench once per week.
I have been doing 5x5 and on my last rep of 5 sets of 5 with 300 pounds last week I felt a sharp pull right where my pec joins the shoulder. I felt it again this week during my warmups so i did 185x8 and 225x8 and felt it the whole time so i quit chest. I have decided to take a week off from the gym entirely to try and let it heal. i will start light next week but does anybody have any advice on how to stretch and warmup to avoid this? there is no discoloration and the pain is not noticable but when I was benching it felt like if i added weight the whole pec might tear.