Pec minor

Hey, all. Does anybody out there know a good unassisted stretch for the pec minor? I had a postural analysis done, and one of the imbalances they found was a shortened pec minor - it’s interfering with my rotator cuff. I don’t always have a partner to help me stretch, and I haven’t been able to get at it myself. Any tips would be great.

What is a “postural analysis” and how did you happen to have it done? (sorry no ideas about stretching).

I know 2.

  1. Stand with back against a wall. Bend elbows at right angles and put arms against wall with wrists, elbows, and shoulders against the wall. Extend arms upward. Keep arms against wall.
  2. Stand in a doorway and raise your arm to shoulder height at the side, elbow at right angle. Place inside of the raised arm against the doorway and lean into the doorway. Turn the body away from the side being stretched.