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pec minor

hi my name is jou and i have a gym.i want to tell me mr thibadeau how can i train pec-minor and clavicles with ROM exersices .sorry for my english

Supine dumbbell pullovers hit the pec minor quite well.

The pec minor is a scapular protractor, depressor, and downward rotator. All variations of bench presses involve protraction to some extent, but close grip incline presses tend to demand more contribution from the pec minor. From a downward rotation and depression standpoint, dips are also very good.

The clavicle is a bone; you cannot train it.

The pec minor is the muscle underneath the pectoral major. It is best trained with DB pullover, dips and cable cross-over.

For the clavicular head of the pectoral major do the following superset:

A1. Incline bench press 5 reps, 80-85%, 201 tempo

A2. Incline dumbbell flies 5 reps, 60-65%, 505 tempo

No rest between A1. and A2. Repeat the superset 5 times.