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Pec Minor Degeneration/Atrophy. Suggestions?


Hello, my right pec has degenerated from poor computer posture. My keyboard tray broke and I had my arm raised high for a year and it rolled my shoulder forward and the muscle atrophied.

I've been lifting for over two years now and hoped that they would balance out but it never happened. Recently I started flexing my smaller pec and it's shown more gains in 6 months of doing that then all previous methods.

My right shoulder has been forced to pick up the slack from the missing pec and I've been experiencing pain (slowly, steadily increasing) for almost a year.

I was planning on dropping all pressing movements that aren't overhead and continuing to flex my pec into symmetry for what I predict will be 18-30 months. When symmetry is achieved I will test out horizontal pressing again.

More info:
-Have consistently practiced good form and mobility work along with proper warm ups etc.
-My left shoulder has never experienced joint pain like my right
-Basically all horizontal pushing movements will have to call in my shoulder for help until the pec is fixed.

How would you guys program around this issue? Right now I'm doing a 3 day full-body where M- Bench W-Press F-Bench. I was thinking of doing two press days (1 strength focused, 1 hypertrophy) and maybe a heavy bench session once a month.

thanks for reading