Pec Minor and Benching

Is there any development for minor pecs from bench press, where this muscle works isometrically?

How about push ups, where scapula moves?

I know that pec minor depresses shoulders, so dips is probably the best compound movement for this.

I’m looking for overall chest exercise to simplify my training - maybe powerlifting bench press is the answer, but I want to exercise pec mionr to - just for good looking chest.

If dipping is necessary than I add some straight arm dips after main lift.

John Meadows does a pec minor dip

I know, but that’s not the answer on my questions.

Not to a significant extent. Maybe a bit if one is using a very pronounced back arch and pressing up in a straight line.

It will be slightly involved in the decline bench press.

But no, bench pressing will not stimulate the pec minor enough to make it grow.

Thanks Coach