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Pec Imbalance

whtas up, fellow T-dawgs

I was just wondering if you could help me out with a quick question\problem i have. Due to a past proffesion I was in, my right arm and chest was being constantly prioritized. While I have been able to balance out my arms easily enough, I am having alot of trouble with my chest. If you guys have had this problem before or now any solutions|exercises. It would be great if anyone from the dawg pack we have here at t-mag could help me out that would be amazing. Thanks guys.

I have a similar problem, my entire right side is much more masive then my left. It started with a dislocated shoulder. Every time i tried to get back in shape the inbalance got worse… to the point my right side is so much more powerfull i don’t know how to correct it. I guess I could do one arm bench presses but what abut my back? i can do one arm rows but what about the pull up? I need wide grip help?

Try one-arm lat pulldowns, perhaps?

I think the one-arm bench presses are your best bet. Chances are that they’ll really improve your serratus, too.

I would think that maintenance work on the right side would be in order (heavy reps, few sets). But you still want to go heavy.

The weak side should have a combine strength/hypertrophy program designed just for it.

i had a big ass imbalance, and found out that alot of my rotator cuff muscles were knotted up. I saw some ART provider and he fixed it. I’d recommend going to see some art guy in your area. have him check you out, and he’ll tell you whats wrong.

do alot of dumbells. presses and flyes. this way both sides will be hit with the same weight. also try to notice any changes in positioning. try to maintain accurate balance and stop the set when your weaker arm can not hold its form any longer. laters pk