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Pec Exercise with Least Pressure on Ribs?


I broke several of my ribs 6 months ago. I would love to know a pec exercise that puts the least pressure on the ribs?? does one spring to mind?

My injury/what Ive tried:

I have experimented with a few different exercises but the rib pain usually doesn't materialize for a day or two. Even pushups once a week tend to make laying down/sleeping uncomfortable.... and this is after 6 f*** months !!! wtf !!

Initially I couldn't breath or move without pretty significant pain. Like an idiot I tried to lift anyway. Lying flat on a bench was impossible even without weight initially so I resorted to using an upright bench machine. Doing the reps wasn't painful but one or two days later I would have trouble breathing and couldn't lie down without heavy painkillers.

After about 3 weeks of zero improvement I finally gained a brain and ceased to train my chest ! Currently I lift regularly and can do everything fine except any chest exercise otherwise its a bit sore initially and within a day or two its painful to lie down again.

Would love some help !


If you have access to cables I would try some light cable crossovers from different positions (high to low, low to high, etc.) and see how that affects your rib cage. I notice whenever I do them all the tension is placed on my pecs and a little on the shoulders but not much and feel no pressure in my rib cage. I’ve had bruised ribs on several occasions (never broken) and just cut out benching for a few weeks, focused more on other body parts, and tried lighter isolation moves for the pecs. Give the crossovers a try and see how that works for a while. Don’t get too carried away with the weight at this point. Even if it’s just 5 lbs per stack, it’s better than nothing.