Pec development

Got a serious question about pec development. I don’t tend to do a lot (much) upper pec work but my uppers are much more pronounced than lowers. Out of 12 sets I’ll do maybe 2 sets of inclines. Strange thing is that under stress (heavy bench) the bar wanders lower (down torso) in the lift. I’m not benching what I should either (235# @ 180# bw). Should I be switching things around a bit? Start with inclines? Add some declines? I finish out with dips already.

What exactly are you trying to do? Get a bigger bench or work on your lower pecs?

Perform dips or declines first in the workout.

IOW pre-exhaust lowers?


Regular benching works the same chest muscles as declines. Declines are not necessary. Decline benching is for those that cannot bench heavy on a conventional bench. An ego thing. If your upper chest is more developed don’t incline at all. If you want a bigger bench, train your triceps / shoulders /lats. Basically triceps.

I just meant to prioritize the “lower pecs.” If your main goal is to change the appearance of your chest, then consider eliminating inclines and possibly flats for a while. Keep in mind, though, that it is questionable how much you can change the shape of a muscle through training.

If the bench press numbers are more important to you, read Dave Tate’s bench press article and visit the deepsquatter website for training ideas. JRR is right about focusing on the triceps. Good luck.

I’ve already switched up to working chest/tri’s same session. I think I’m going to play with doing weighted dips and/or declines 1st on chest day and see if it feels different. I also experimented with “rack lockouts” for a couple weeks and that did nothing.

Lipo…Rack lockouts are a strength building excercise. They will not change the appearance of your chest to a measureable degree. If you are looking to build strength, doing the dips first is a no-no. Flat bench first. There are better tricep excercises than dips anyway. JM Presses, close grip bench presses, etc…