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Pec Deck, Crossovers, Dumbbell Flyes


out of these 3 exercises
pec deck, crossovers, and flyes
which one do you think is the best in terms for gaining some size an definition?
also are these exercises even necessary?


I don't like DB flys or rather my shoulders don't anymore. I used to love them and used them regularly.

I stick to pec deck these days.

If you feel your chest fine on normal pressing then MAYBE not necessary.


whichever you can feel stimulates your pecs the most. I prefer crossovers.

and yes.


Cable flys are my favy of the three.

Define necessary? You won't die if you don't do them. Your chest can even grow without them. But it will grow better with them.


I personally prefer incline db flies with a dc style stretch in the last rep of the set.
And yes


I prefer cable flies. Bring a bench into the cable machine and do flies there. It'll provide stimulation throughout the whole movement. With a slight incline is my favorite.


thanks guys appreciate all the responses
I was thinking of doing crossovers end of my workout
like a tri set of high, middle an low pulley
all as one set
7 reps each
to finish off my chest workout


My shoulders hate most pressing, so my chest workout consists of those primarily and it's still growing.


Whatever feels best for you op. They all have pros and cons. Personally I like cable due to the constant tension and I find they're easier on the shoulders but I still love doing db flys too just cause you can move more weight.



I started using visual imagery of a spring between both my hands and I compress the spring on the work portion and slowy let it lengthen. I find I get a better mind-muscle connection that way instead of just "lifting" the weight. Chest was sore the next day.

I'm sure it can be applied to pec dec and DB flys.




I pm'd you however, are you confused about what I said or is your comment suggesting what I said is stupid?


Big fan of cables myself, usually a low incline bench between the stations, BUT I like to do them before I do heavy presses. I'm naturally an arm dominant bencher, and this approach has really helped me bring up the overall quality of my pecs the last couple of years without destroying my shoulders in the process.



Can't beat cables

Love the tension play

Way easier on the joints too


Stu, for tri dominant beginners do you think pre exhausting is necessary or should they first focus on increasing their poundages to a certain level before utilizing pre exhaust methods in chest training? Tks!


@Redonodo- I think the bottom line is always an individual thing, depending on your level of development and your ultimate goals. There are many approaches you can take when trying to actually get the 'feel' in your chest when pressing. You'll hear people discuss hand spacing, positioning of your elbows, how you're "setting" yourself in the bench, how low the bar is coming down on your sternum... but for me, I had to train around my natural strength curve. I didn't start training until my early 20's, and my strength levels went up very quickly in pretty much every lift with barely any increases in muscle size. That's why you'll find a lot of threads where I give the impression that how much weight I lift doesn't really matter to me. Strength will come if given time, no matter what exercise selection you use, and whether you choose to pre-exhaust or not.

If your primary goal is hypertrophy in a specific muscle group, then simply getting stronger may not be enough to get you there. Sure, improving your #s on compound lifts WILL contribute to overall strength levels, and hopefully some hypertrophy, but at a certain point (and I don't know what your level of development is), you have to look at your body's individual parts, and say "Is my current approach working here?" If not, you need to be smart enough to try something else.



Inappropriate time for a wtf, seems like a good idea to get a good mmc with your chest


Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I completely agree it's very important to get a good mmc. My comment was more in relation to the elaborateness of the description. No offence was intended.


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OP: I like DB flies of the 3.
I'll just rank my favs for chest though

1 Tate Press
2 DB Bench getting deep
3 Dead Stop pin press from an inch over your chest
4 Flies
5 Wide grip bench flaring your elbows and touching at the clavicles
6 DB Incline bench
7 DB incline flies

Edit: I realize that Tate press is supposed to be a tri movement, but I touch lower and I always feel it in my chest