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Pec Building

i dont see pecs i just see lines in your skin.

you want to build up your chest to about 8 sets of flat bench from 12-15 reps warmup work down to about 6 reps. Try staggered sets, negatives etc…see which works best for you in shocking the muscle into growth.

I always start out with incline chest while i am strong. most the pussies on this board and in life lack upper chest development therefore they have a slopped chest look. Do your incline stuff first.

I am definately beginning to see a kinder gentler T-Nation.

[quote]Colombian wrote:
6’3" AND ONLY 163 ??? u gotta EAT EAT EAT, im 6’3" 205, eat smart and plenty[/quote]

HEHE. Im 6’3’’ and 225 and still bulking. At that height 163 is tiny.

Lower rep, less frequent, GO HEAVY. That is all. A well developed, thick chest doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. You can get a little temporary pump but real developement takes time.

I gained the most size btw, when I was doing 10 sets of 3 reps each at about 70% of my 1rm. Flat bench that is. The follow that up with some light flyes or dumbell presses. Every 2 or 3 months I switch between barbell and dumbell presses.

It sounds like what you’re doing right now is going to burn a lot of calories and use up all that food you’ve been eating but not really develope much mass. You’re chest will grow in response to increasingly heavy loads being put on it, with enough rest in between to rebuild. Maybe switch to a monday-friday thing, go heavy with fewer reps on monday then go a little lighter with more reps on friday… when I say low reps I mean 1-3 per set, when I say high rep I mean 6-8 per set. If you can do 9 reps you’re not using enough weight :slight_smile:

[quote]Bodyguard wrote:
I am definately beginning to see a kinder gentler T-Nation.[/quote]

No shit. Why is he not getting flamed? Building a chest for a trip to Hawaii? Been lifting for two months? “I swear I eat alot”

6’1 and motherfucking 160!???



Go fucking eat something. You have no chest because you have no mass.

My advice is do steroids. You’ve obviously hit a plateau.

I thought sure CT wrote an article about this recently. You may want to check it out though I dont recall what it was called.

I think just about everything that can be said has been said. With a body that skimpy, its gonna be hard to pack on some meat without feeding your face. If you’re too worried about keeping your 2% bf not to eat more protein, vegetables, etc, we cannot help you much.

Try, like in the CT article, some below the parallel db flyes. Those have been helpful for me.

I suggest writing everything you eat down, then doing an estimation of calories you get in a day. The fact that you have a “killer six pack” won’t help you gain mass. If you want mass, you need to put some flab on (doesn’t have to be huge amounts, but expect to lose visibility of your abdominals at least a little bit if you want to grow at all). You should also read some of Berardi’s stuff (specifically the article on how to calculate your caloric intake that you need would be a good place to start, forgot the title though). Then go from there and get your diet in order, still recording what you eat.

Next, I suggest something like Waterbury’s 10x3 or WS4SB, or anything that will get you to lift relatively heavy, with a decent amount of volume and frequency (but not overkill). Combine this with the hypercaloric diet and you should grow (provided you get a good night’s sleep every night)

And of course, SQUAT AND DEADLIFT! Those two exercises release so much GH and use such an amount of muscle that you’re bound to grow with a hypercaloric diet. Plus you need to balance out your body to grow. “Wanna grow? Gotta row!” suits the upper body, because if you don’t do a pulling movement, your body will automatically say “screw this, I’m not gonna risk an imbalance injury” and will stop your chest from growing at all.

I may be over exaggerating some parts, but you get the idea.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Bodyguard wrote:
I am definately beginning to see a kinder gentler T-Nation.

No shit. Why is he not getting flamed? …

Because the thread is a year old.

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
FightinIrish26 wrote:
Bodyguard wrote:
I am definately beginning to see a kinder gentler T-Nation.

No shit. Why is he not getting flamed? …

Because the thread is a year old.[/quote]

Ahhh Christ.

Shoulda caught that.

if you want to build your chest don’t neglect your back! try to make sure you are doing a near equal number sets/reps/volume of rowing exercises to your chest exercises. If you bench too much and neglect your upper back you will end up with horrible posture and look completely ridiculous.