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Pec Activation on One Side But Not the Other

I am brand new here and my very first post on the site so bear with me if I’m in the wrong section. I’ve noticed while chest movements (barbell, dumbbell, flys) my right pec is getting way more activated than the left. They both push the weight when doing dumbbells the same amount of reps almost. Left doing slightly more because the chest isn’t getting pumped as much I guess right in the area near my armpit. I’ve noticed my left shoulder tends to roll forward when mimicking the movement in the mirror and thought that it probably happens in the gym as well. Could that be causing the chest to not get activated little or none at all in all my exercises?

Thanks for all your help in advance!

Probably just need more training time for mind-muscle connection.

I’d keep doing what you’re doing and start doing shoulder mobility work. If you think the problem stems in the shoulders, maybe some shoulder presses

Okay thank you!! Is it still possible to be working my weaker pec even if I’m not getting the pump like the stronger one is? Just keep working on squeezing it until I can get the same for both sides?

Yeah, just keep training pretty much. If it really bothers you, just get do some flies