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Pease give me a good tempo...

Okay John, look buddy, here’s the deal. I know you’re a beginner in this whole thing and all, but if you keep questioning every aspect of every program you ever start, you’ll drive yourself mad. It’s great that you’re learning things, but I have come to the firm conclusion that having a plan and following it is one hundred times more critical than whether or not you use 2 seconds on the eccentric or 3. The details are important, but only after you’ve mastered the basics can you effectively manipulate the smaller, more advanced aspects of a program.

So, in answer to your question… Yes, 311 will do wonderfully for you. I know it’s hard as a beginner to pay this much attention to your tempo when you actually get in the gym, because you’ll have guys all around you hammering the weight up and down at lightning fast speeds. Who cares! Grow some fucking balls, and do it anyway. 311 is a perfect hybrid tempo for both neural and hypertrophy adaptation.